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Ron Friedmann

Interesting comments. A couple of notes:

1. I cannot provide citations, but I've read somewhere that the major acounting firms spend 5 to 7% of revenue on training; law firms spend perhaps 1%. Not the same as R&D, but for a prof. services organization, it gives you some sense of scale.

2. Having spent 3 years working for Jnana Technologies (http://www.jnana.com), I would argue that AI can be successfully applied to law. I helped several law firms and departments do so. To be sure, there is more work to be done, but a lot can be done today. The big challenge, I think, is the business model, not the technology. (For more on this, see my articles and white papers on this question at http://www.prismlegal.com/index.php?option=content&task=category&id=76&Itemid=55)

Tom Collins

I don't know if one of us should be worried, but check out my blog post from the same day: http://knowledgeaforethought.blogs.com/

Charles Soule

AI not useful in any field? Perhaps it's not as useful as HAL 9000 quite yet, but AI is applied extremely well in various automated voice-response systems, video games, training simulators for both military and domestic applications, on-board guidance systems in cars and other vehicles, hell, even the auto-complete and auto-correct functions in Word could be considered a rudimentary form of AI. And of course, there's the Roomba.

We don't have killer robots yet (only a matter of time, hopefully) but AI's coming along pretty well. We'll get there, I'm sure.


Some firms are automating... My firm is highly automated. Our secretaries can't function at other law firms due to the highly automated docketging/document assembly we have. We continue to innovate. I have four developers on my staff. I'd say we're the R&D staff at my firm. We're currently focusing on workflow. I work for a large national firm.

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Interesting Read That Law firms are in the business of practicing law, not carrying out blue-sky activities like research and development.


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