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I'm a corporate lawyer in the New York City office of an AmLaw 100 law firm. I've been at the practice of law since 1975, but came to my appreciation for; no, make that passion for, the proper application of information technology to the practice of law only ten years ago. IT's no magic bullet for the ills that I believe now afflict the way law is practiced in most private firms, but IT is an important part of the cure.

I've heard people say, in the face of my IT-for-law evangelizing, "The way law's practiced ain't broke, so don't try to fix it." My view, if it isn't already obvious by now - "The way law's practice is plenty broke in some important ways, fixes are necessary and IT's got a toolkit that can be help with the fix."

[By the way, the views that I express in my blog are my own and not my law firm's.]


Hobby: Reading science (esp. computer sciene) and science fiction Favorite authors: Greg Egan, Neal Stephenson